Join Harvest Partners Today!

Join the Harvest Partners and help spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. To reap the end time harvest of souls to the kingdom of God, as we accomplish God’s given mandate of the Ministry: To raise unto God a congregation; to reap unto God the harvest!


Harvest Partners Benefits

1. A special weekly prayer meeting just for you our partner, for your life all-round success (home, business, job) and all of your endeavors.

2. A special monthly partners gift package in response to your monthly seed deposit.

3. A special yearly partners’ conference to impart your life with God’s blessing via the word and anointing. This also gives you the opportunity to have live access to the testimonies, updates and reports of our progress as a result of your support apart from the monthly newsletter mailed to you. This also gives you the opportunity to meet with the executives of the ministry so as to be able to thank you and appreciate you for your support.